The rate of change and development is increasing at an exponential pace.

Let us think the education as the means of developing our greatest abilities. I believe that there can be no greater happiness than to serve.  A cause for which you can pour all, if  you possess great energy and talent.

This is my lucky fate by the grace of Almighty ALLAH and it is the fate of all those who serve education. And I promise that I will keep working to improve the quality and innovation of my schooLing system. An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest. As it forever governs ignorance. So I think we all must now arm ourselves with the power of knowledge.

All the collective efforts of my subordinates are the fabric of what makes SUNFLOWER HIGH SCHOOL.

I have worked hard in uploading the latest technologies and did much till today.

Skill to do comes of Doing. So to build up the strong nation we must not talk only. As end of the man is action and not thoughts, therefore I have been adding the latest technologies to my system of education time to time, and worked deeply improving the academic curricula day by day.

My Motto is to impart truly and provide best.

In return I expect no praises as I take all those liabilities as a part of my duty. I do it and leave rest to Allah.